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ANNA MAY WONG 1920's&30s

ANNA MAY WONG🖤 1905-1961🖤 AnnaMayWong was the first Chinese American Movie Star 🖤

Starting her career in silent films, by 1924 she was not only a movie star but a solidified Fashion & Beauty icon💄Her look often changed depending on the role she was playing but her hair was typically slicked in shorter silhouettes and often with shaped bangs. Her makeup style was quintessential of a silver screen star, a velvety complexion eyebrows always perfectly penciled in, mostly rounded but occasionally worn straight if the look called for more drama, loads of mascara or the occasional lashes & the perfectly painted pout💄

#DidYouKnow ...In 1935, #MetroGoldwynMayer refused to consider her for the leading role of the Chinese character O-Lan in the film version of Pearl S. Buck's “The Good Earth” #MGM instead cast #LuiseRainer to play the leading role in yellowface, due to the Hays Code anti-miscegenation rules requiring the wife of a white actor, #PaulMuni (ironically playing a Chinese character in yellowface), to be played by a white actress😡MGM offered Wong a supporting role of Lotus, the seductress, but she refused on principle... #themoreyouknow 💋 #BeautyBit

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