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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

JANE FORTH 🖤 BEAUTY iCON🖤 Born 1953... notable years 1968-1973...

Jane was discovered at the age of 15 after being introduced to her then boyfriend Jay Johnson twin brother (Jed Johnson) boyfriend, #AndyWarhol. Andy, who was known for finding pleasure in discovering new and unusual beauties, was instantly enamored by this magical and glamorous look she had created for herself. Her makeup was always spectacular, utilizing her amazing bone structure she created a look that was her own, pulling inspiration from the glamour of the silver screen beauties of the 30’s but with modern & futuristic influences.

Diane Von Furstenberg once described Janes look as a “mixture of Greta Garbo & a Moonchild”...

It was also this look that proved to continuously inspire & laminated her presence as a very important #BEAUTYiCON...

Janes look was a delicate avant-garde glamour that no one had seen before, it was innovative and equally refined. She would paint her face alabaster, and delicately frame her eyes and cheek bones with whispers of colors and often overley rosy cheeks, her brows were over tweezed, just leaving a few in the center, topped off with her perfectly curled separated lashes & glossy red lips. Janes makeup style has no doubtly inspired numerous makeup artists and creatives since.

As for her super slick hair, at the time hair styling products were incredibly limited, so being a true innovator she credits the use of Wesson Cooking Oil, to achieve her glossed patented leather shined hair...

In 1970 after spotting Jane at a party #DianVonFurstenberg was so enamoured with Janes look that she cast her to walk in her first fashion show at the Pierre Hotel where she launched the iconic #WrapDress.

Jane went on to star in Paul Morrissey’s gritty film, TRASH where her interesting and alluring look continued to catch the attention of many & she soon became a #NYARTscene staple & one of Andy’s “iT GiRLS”. July, 1970 Life Magazine named her "Nows New Face".

Jane spent her days Modeling, working as a rceptionist at Warhol’s #TheFactory, & went on to act in 2 of Warhol’s films #L’Amour & #WomeninRevolt.

Around 1973 Jane became pregnant with her first son & decided to step away from the spot light to focus on motherhood. She later went on to become a professional Union Makeup & Special Effects artist, working on Films, TV shows & commercia

Although Janes time in the spot light was limited, her Look will never be forgotten, and always be a fabulous & important #BeautyRefrence.

“Make-up stimulates the imagination, imagination is the catalyst for creativity, and creativity is the source of inspiration & the allure is the visual stimuli” Jane told NY ArtBeat in 2012.

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