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03/03/1911 - 06/07/1937

Jean can be credited as the first “Blonde Bombshell” with her “Platinum Blonde” locks , penciled in half moon brows & her Cupid’s bow lips she inspired the looks of many famous beauties to follow, #MarilynMonroe, #Madonna & #GwenStefani just to name a few...

Although her career was short she has still reached beauty icon status & will forever be a very important #BeautyReference...

Harlows platinum color was from the mastermind of #HowardHughes who wanted to create an image for the young star who he picked to star in his highly anticipated film “Hell’s Angeles” in 1930.

At the time there was no hair dye available to achieve that type of lightness in the hair, so she was really one of the first to popularize the color. Harlow a natural ash blonde went through weekly treatments to maintain the platinum shade. Her personal hairdresser, #AlfredPagano, revealed the secret decades later, saying, “We used peroxide, ammonia, Clorox, and Lux flakes. Can you believe that?” ...(FYi, Ammonia and Clorox, when mixed, create hydrochloric acid, a noxious gas that can lead to kidney damage when inhaled 😬)

The treatments were so toxic that she suffered from hair loss which forced her to start wearing wigs before her death In 1937. At the young age of 26 Harlow died of kidney failure and uremic poisoning. There is lots of speculation around her death but some believe that the toxic dying process along with her already weakened kidneys (caused from a bout of Scarlett Fever when she was a teen) may have led to her demise.

The absolute tragedy of Jean is that her premature death could have been caused from the very thing that made her so famous...

Although, for the most part, it has been discounted, to be honest I’m not sure why...

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