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💋The Dripping Lip💋

Most beauty enthusiasts remember all the drama & lawsuits filed a few years back over the unlicensed use of images & blatant rip offs from multiple companies ( Kylie Cosmetics MAkeup Forever & Guess) of @vladamua notorious dripping lips... for today’s #BeautyBit we get a lesson in MAKEUP ARTiSTRY HiSTORY 101 & the iMPORTANCE of doing your research! 💄Although Vlada has cornered the market of the dripping lip & most credit her for being the first, but unfortunately this isn’t fact in 2007 for a Vogue Japan editorial #MakeupArtist @aliceghendrih created a GOLD METALLiC DRiPPiNG LiP shot by @milesaldridge ... if we go even further back, the first time I personally ever remember seeing the Dripping Lip was for an advertisement campaign for TRUCCO Cosmetics in 1999! Created by the incredibly talented Makeup Artist #SandraSoleiman shot by @robertlobetta ... so just remember when you see something amazing, just know, someone else might have DONE it first 💄#themoreyouknow

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