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DORTHY (DOTTiE) PONEDEL- MAKEUP ARTiST- 07/02/1898-04/30/1979

You may be unfamiliar with her name but I can promise you that you have seen her work. She helped to popularize the #GlamourGirl look of the 30’s that dominated the silver screen & the artist behind the iconic arched, pencil thin eyebrows & hollowed high cheek bones, of #MarleneDietrich, Dottie’s resume includes actresses #MaeWest #JoanBlondell #JudyGarland #ClaudetteColbert #BarbaraStanwyck #PauletteGoddard #TallulahBankhead #GailPatrick & the “it girl” #ClaraBlow amongst others💋Dottie came to Hollywood in 1920 & worked as an extra & stand in. But her world & the beauty industry changed forever one-day on the set of “FollowThru” in 1930. Story goes the director was unhappy with Nancy Carroll’s makeup so Dottie chimed in & suggested a different technique, the director allowed her to fix the makeup & it was a success! Nancy requested Dottie to do her makeup for the rest of the film, but they refused because she was a woman. So she showed up to set the next day intentionally doing a bad job with her own makeup & the footage from the day was scrapped...they then agreed to let Dottie finish the rest of the film. Her skills were instantly noticed & the next day, #JoeVonSternberg arrived from Germany with a fresh young actress Marlene & he requested the same makeup artist who did Nancy to do Marlenes makeup for a test...the results were the beginning of the Hollywood Glamour that we all know and love today💄

Dottie was also known for being a friend & confidant of the stars she worked with who easily bonded with her over the struggles of being a women in a male dominated industry💄1940 Dottie went to MGM under the request of #MakeupDepartmentHead #JackDawn it was this move that lead her to meeting her other devoted client #JudyGarland 💄

1942 Dottie was the first female makeup artists to be accepted into the all male makeup union, Local 706. She first applied in 1937 & was denied but given a special permit to continue her work along side the male union members. After years of relentless perseverance & fighting off the male union members it was finally the threats by MarleneDietrich & MaeWest to boycott their movie sets that got her accepted.

1950 Dotties legendary career was cut short & she had to retire due to health complications caused by Multiple Sclerosis. She died in 1979 but her legacy and artistry will never be forgotten...“Dot Ponedel, Paramount make-up expert. She lifts your face without the aid of surgery.” #HeddaHopper, 1939

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