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TOPOLiNO -MAKEUP ARTiST 🖤 late 80’s-current 🖤

TOPOLiNO began his career at age 19 back in the 80’s. Trained as a hairstylist, manicurist and a makeup artist, he starting his freelance career working on short films & theatrical productions, in 1984 he decided Makeup was his future & moved to Paris. He immediately began working, booking fashion shows and photoshoots. He’s worked with some of the most talented artists of his time including #PaoloRoversi, #EllenVonUnwerth , #MarioTestino, & #PierreEtGilles to name a few.

FUN FACT - in 1996 TOPOLiNO received the Fashion Award for Best Make-Up Artist💄

TOPOLiNO’S work has been featured in some of the top fashion publications, advertisements, music videos as well as museums and exhibitions around the world...looking back at some of his early works shows his incredible visions as well as his ability to perfect makeup application proving timeless ... truly an inspiration

TOPOLiNO can be credited for his truly brilliant and creative work. Known not for pulling influence from eras before, he prided himself on being innovative and pulling inspiration from his own imagination!

When you look at TOPOLiNOs work you can see how many makeup artists have used his work as inspiration ... looking back at the dates of some of his best work makes you understand how truly innovative he was for his time.

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1 Comment

Feb 02

I should be very proud to meet him and have a makeup!in any case a great artisti in a true meaning

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