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Pablo was born around 1940 in Italy. Born as the son of Count Zappi-Manzonihe, at only 17 years of age he took advantage of his family’s aristocratic upbringing by persuading the Elizabeth Arden Salon in Rome to employ him. By the time he was 24 Manzoni relocated to Manhattan, where from 1964 to 1979, known only as "Pablo," he reigned as resident makeup genius and creative director for Elizabeth Arden.

In 1965, his eye-makeup techniques were so influential that he was awarded the Coty Award in recognition for launching a worldwide style. Manzoni was a leader in the field of fashionable, elaborate eye-makeup, using, feathers, jewels and flowers, a trend that that we commonly see today.

He stated in 1966 that the elaborate eyes he created for the fashion press were intended to inspire the reader, rather than to be wearable looks, resulting in Pablo being one of first artists to embrace Avant-garde Makeup.

By 1985 He was taking private clients in his studio at the Ritz Towers, with rates being $300 (equivalent to $700 now) for an individual consultation running just over an hour, and $500 (about $1100) for a two-hour lecture as well as traveling the country as the makeup consultant for Neiman-Marcus.

#FUNFACT Pablo worked with the stunning Sophia Loren, for whom he used his trademark eyebrow-bleaching technique to enhance her eyes.

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